TEBM Braking

Trailer Electronic Braking Module TEBM

World First - Exclusive Patent to TRAIL BRAKE SYSTEMS

The TEBM is a major and world leading advance in trailer braking technology. A specialised braking system designed for the widest range or trailers and suited to all types of towing vehicles. 



The TRAIL BRAKE SYSTEMS - TEBM is a unique, electronically controlled and intelligent modular braking system that is installed on the trailer only. Unlike traditional systems the TEBM is housed directly and only on the trailer and not the towing vehicle, the emphasis being on secure braking, flexibility and control. Power can be provided by independent supply or via the standard vehicle circuit. 
Adhere to transport regulations, improve safety and reduce costs with world class technology and design.

  • World leading advanced design and systems. 
  • A South African designed, built and manufactured product utilising world class technology. Proudly adding local value.

  • Minimal Installation! The TRAIL BRAKE SYSTEMS TEBM does not require input from the towing vehicles' braking system and will not result in changes or intrusive adjustment to any systems or components on the towing vehicle.
  • Superior to traditional systems! Regular air and hydraulic braking designs function only by cutting into systems on the towing vehicle and drawing from its compressors, booster and components, either installed during manufacture or after market.

  • Protect your warranty! Zero interference with or implications for primary or secondary manufacturer warranties applicable to the towing vehicle. This means you will safe-guard all maintenance, fleet and finance plans.
  • Your vehicle and / or trailer will not require lengthy conversions or will not cost you revenue while spending extended man hours in the workshop and off the road.

  • Ideal for fleets! As the TEBM is completed housed on the trailer, multiple towing vehicles may be used and interchanged with ease and convenience. Reduce truck roll, round trips and fuel costs.

  • Compatible with regular and ABS type systems - Air / Hydraulic / Vacuum
  • Complies with clause 2.4 of the United Nations ECE Regulation and SANS 20013 and is rigidly attached to the trailer chassis.