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We Supply: Data, Makers & Seaworthy Plates

Once-off standard or batches of customised designs for specific dimensions or branding details

Design, Homologation and Registration

The Conversion of Motor Vehicles into Truck Tractors and Drawing vehicles. All ranges of trailers and bodies, up to Abnormal Loads. A wide range of NaTis numbers are available under our market leading licence system.

Trailer Electronic Braking Module TEBM Patented! 

World Leading Design! Stand Alone - Closed System - BRAKE CONTROL for Trailers. 

Fully mounted on the trailer. Zero interference with the towing vehicle's warranty. Attention Fleet Managers: The same trailer may be towed by multiple vehicles without the need for vehicle customisation or intrusive braking hookups for each towing vehicle.

Available Air braking systems. 
Hydraulic & Vacuum Models.          

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